DARD DUR KARNE KI DUA ,”Dua is powerful for all sickness & for all reasons, Quran is a wonder. This incorporates treatment of every single common issue, physical & mental illnesses, & otherworldly. Allah has made cures for all maladies.

The fundamental is to set up that the right character of treatment is connected for the right sort of sickness. At the point when a man gets to be wiped out & then whines intensely & articles to Allah Ta’ala, demonstrating irreverence & inconsiderateness to Him, this prompts ruining his possessed prizes. In the event that we are sound, we ought to be thankful to Allah Ta’ala in all conditions.

Dushman Ko Dur Karne Ki Dua

In the event that a human, subjected to a foe, supplicate a 2 Rakat Salat & after Salam, recounts verse 10 of Al Qamar 100 times, Inshallah, Allah will bring him from the adversary. In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficial, the Most Merciful.

Calling upon Allah (SWT) for His assistance and kindness utilizing His Blessed names and characteristics have been specified in numerous verses of the Noble Quran and even in the hadith of our Prophet SAW. Wazifa contains numerous favored & capable names of Allah SWT & can be utilized to satisfy any honest to goodness reason & if presented continually, the disclaimer will see & reality various otherworldly & physical gifts & profits by Allah in this world & henceforth.

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